For Organizations and Counties

Register parents to enable them to receive Totohealth's timely text messages. Schedule and send reminders, appointments, surveys and announcements to parents in a convinient and affordable way.

Totohealth Features

Totohealth enables organizations and counties to register parents to start receiving Totohealth text messages. Once registered to Totohealth, an organization/county can also easily communicate with parents by sending SMS reminders for vaccinations, clinics, and appointments. Totohealth then records responses from each SMS send out and create reports based on the responses received.

Register Parents to Totohealth
Totohealth shall provide you with a dashboard that will enable you to register parents, Community Health Volunteers or Health Workers.
Send Emergency & Awareness SMSs
Through the dashboard you shall be able to send emergency messages/disease outbreak notifications to both parents and Health Workers at a fast and cost-effective manner.
Set & Schedule Reminders
Set and schedule reminders for clinics, vaccinations and appointmnents using Totohealth's platform. Through the platform, an automated reminder will be sent out to the specific parent one day per week before and on the day of the appointment.
Follow up on Expectant Mothers
Through the dashboard, you will easily map out expectant parents and follow up with them to ensure that they are adequatly prepared for delivery. This will see that parents deliver in health facilities.
Train or Communicate with Community Health Volunteers via SMS
The platform enables you to register Community Health Volunteers or Health Workers. Once they are registered, you are able to communicate and train them via SMS.
Get Monthly Reports
Totohealth will provide you with monthly reports that captures the number of new parents registered, number of mothers delivering in health facilities, number of parents adhering to clinics and vaccination schedules among others.

Example Messages

As an organization registered to Totohealth will be able to send out additional messages to the parents you register. These messages can be immunization and vaccination reminders, appointments or awareness messages.

Messages to parents
Messages to Community Health Volunteers

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