For Parents

Stay informed on the health of your child or pregnancy by getting weekly SMS updates unique to your child or pregnancy.

Totohealth enables mothers and fathers to receive targeted and personalized messages timed at their child's age or stage of pregnancy. These messages are able to highlight any warning signs in a child's health/development, equip you with knowledge on nutrition, reproductive health, parenting and developmental stimulation.

I am a Mother

As a mother, you will receive a text message every Monday and Thursday at 9am. The content of the SMS shall be unique to you based on your child's age or your stage of pregnancy.

I am a Father

As a father, you can also receive a text message every Monday and Thursday at 9am. This will increase your involvement during pregnancy and in up-bringing of your child.

Example Messages

9th week of Pregnancy
"Vitamin D can help prevent miscarriage and stimulate normal brain development. It can be found in fish, eggs, milk and sunlight"
20th week of Pregnancy
"Morning sickness is common during the 1st 3 months. If you keep getting sick and do not gain enough weight (2- 4.5kg) ensure you visit your clinic"
20th week of Pregnancy
"You will gain between 11-16kgs during pregnancy. Most weight (3.5kg) goes to the baby and some is stored as fat to help you during delivery and breastfeeding "
6 weeks old baby
"You will know your baby is well attached to the breast if more of the dark skin around the nipple can be seen above his/her mouth."
9 months old baby
"If by now your child is not able to creep or crawl, he has a minor delay in his development. Stimulate him by placing toys just out of his reach."
36 months old baby
"At 2 and a half years, your son needs vitamin A and deworming. Plan to take him to the clinic so you give him the best preparation for a healthy life."

Why you need to join...

Do not take our word for it, hear what some of the 12,000 parents have to say about Totohealth

hi totohealth, join me as i celebrate this special day that God has blessed me with a bouncing baby boy i appreciate your support and your guidance you made this journey more successful, thank you soo much!.

—Mother, Embakasi

Mnanisaidia sana kwa ujumbe wenu nimejua mengi zaidi Mungu awabariki sana mtoto wangu alizaliwa!

— Father, Kisumu

I wish to thank all the toto health staffs for the advices they gave me throughout my pregnancy period and as the baby is due today i hope i shall have a safe delivery. thanks once more

— Mother, Kitui

Thanks alot u have realy been of great help to us and adviced me well when in dilema u assisted me beyond words can tell thanks alot &be blessed

— Mother, Kayole