Our Team

We use SMS technology to help reduce Maternal mortality, child mortality and predict Developmental Disabilities in a child.

Core Team

Software Engineer

Fonda Ruiter Totohealth

Paediatric/Public Health Specialist

Alice Mueni Totohealth

Operations Manager

Sister Florence Nyika Totohealth

Content Specialist (Part time)

Margaret Kareithi Totohealth

Translator (Part time)

Bernice Mugambi Totohealth


Samuel Nyaga Totohealth

Software Lead Tanzania

Our Advisors

Doctor, Nyeri Hospital

Aaron Tait: CEO, Spark International

CEO, Spark International

Salim Mohamed: CEO, Carolina for Kibera

CEO, Carolina for Kibera

Dr. Stephen Mburu Totohealth

Coordinator, School of Computing and Informatics, Nairobi University

Anuradha Khoda Totohealth

Research Project Coordinator School of Computing & Informatics University of Nairobi, Kenya