Maternal & child health information delivered via SMS to the mother and father's phones.

Maternal & Child Health Content

  • Birth preparedness
  • Pregnancy warning signs
  • Clinic reminders (ANC & PNC)
  • Breastfeeding
  • Hygiene
  • Malaria prevention
  • Post-partum family planning
  • Child development monitoring
  • Parenting & child stimulation

In Partnership with the Ministry of Health of Tanzania and Wazazi Nipendeni

Disability Content

  • Cerebral palsy
  • Sickle-cell
  • Clubfoot
  • Rickets
  • Spinal bifida

Specialised Content Developed

  • Teen pregnancy
  • Nutrition
  • Fistula

SMS Help Desk

We offer parents an opportunity to ask us more information & questions regarding their pregnancy and parenting via SMS. A helpdesk is setup of medical interns and professionals to answer their queries. We also provide referrals to specialist care and detailed birth preparedness planning.

Example Message
"mama hakikisha unakula milo mitatu kila siku na vitafunwa kati ya milo.ulaji wa vyakula vya aina mbalimbali huboresha afya yako na ukuaji wa mtoto aliye tumboni"
– Totohealth

Clean Delivery Pack

Life saving supplies are essential to ensure a clean and hygienic delivery for every mother, build trust in the healthcare system and directly impact maternal and newborn survival.

Different types of Delivery Packs exist in Tanzania, but few have constant supply, with most designed for home-use with limited items. Others are of sub-standard quality and some are not free to the end-user and must be procured by parents when the hospital runs out of stock. The content of the Clean Delivery Pack has been developed in consultation with health facilities and health centre providers, and is available at health facilities. Mothers should be made aware and confident that the ‘Totohealth Delivery Pack’ is available when needed at the right health-facilities. Combined with the knowledge acquired through the mHealth text-messaging service, we expect the Clean Delivery Pack to be an additional pull factor for mothers to deliver at a health facility. This directly tackles delays in care seeking due to lack of medical supplies in the health facilities and re-instils trust in the healthcare system by ensuring women access to a Clean Delivery Pack on arrival at a health facility. We believe, this will lead to an increase in institutional deliveries by preventing stock-outs of items needed for delivery that are critical for a safe birth at health-facilities. We work closely with public and private health-facilities to determine their needs and further provide mobile applications to manage their inventory of Totohealth Clean Delivery Packs.

Please get in touch with us to discuss your Clean Delivery Pack requirements.


Totopacks are essential, pre-assembled & impactful items in a simple box that give children a safe, healthy and joyful start to life.

Parenting begins from the moment parents find out they are pregnant. This means, we want the mother to be in a stress-free & supportive environment, to have the father support her in her needs and to take an active role in the birth plan; to have the mother well-nourished, & parents able to ask questions on demand, as well as have access to basic items to improve the quality of life and survival of the newborn.

The aim of the Totopack is two fold: 1) provide parents with essential items for the mother and baby, and improve survival of the newborn, specifically focusing on infection prevention, low birth weight, pneumonia and malaria prevention and to encourage early child stimulation 2) motivating parents to return to the health facility for a post natal care check-up (to improve early identification of symptoms) 3) Parents are linked to our mHealth SMS program to ensure they get information to track their child’s development, and information on how to use the items in the Totopack.

The expected developmental impact aligns with the national commitment highlighted in the Sharpened One Plan 2014-2015. The plan specifically acknowledges that a healthy start in life is an essential step for sound childhood and a productive life for both the mother and the baby. We would like all 1.8 million children born in Tanzania each year to have a safe and equal start to their life’s journey.

If you think your products or services can impact mothers and fathers across Tanzania, please get in touch with us to see how we can work together.